There are a lot of businesses still in the mindset that the Yellow Pages are the only way to get customers to your business. The problem is that the Yellow Pages is too big to fit in anyone’s pocket. More than ever people everywhere are using their smartphones to locate a business. Since smartphones are so compact & portable, they’ve become the ultimate replacement for the Yellow Pages. When people use their smartphone to find business, these users are not going the Yellow Pages on their mobile browser. They are using Google.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages is costly. Here’s an example below of how much it would cost your company to advertise in the YP only.

Cost of advertising in the yellow pages

Even at $91 a month you don’t receive value advertising.

Now what if you could get more for your money and still be included in the Yellow Pages as well? SmartLink offers and exclusive service that can put your business into 350 internet directories as well as GPS directories and mobile directories.

This means when someone searches for your business, it’s almost like having 350 additional webpages out there promoting your business. These directories can dominate a search engine results page when someone searches for your brand. Some of these directories, including Google, will even give detailed map directions to your business.

The quality of these directories are top-notch. These aren’t some foreign directories that nobody will ever see. SmartLink’s “SmartList” program can put you into the most popular internet directories including the Yellow Pages. Here are just a few of the many directories that we submit your business information to :

• Google
• Yahoo!
• Bing
• Merchant Circle
• Best of the Web
• City Search
• 411/Directory Assistance
• 411info
• Navigation/GPS

There are over 350 directories around the web that we submit your business to. Contact us to find compare the advertising benefits the Yellow Pages can offer your business versus our SmartList Business Directory Listings program.

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