We’ve talked about the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. Consumers today spend hours each day on their smartphones, prompting Google’s now infamous algorithm update for mobile, “Mobilegeddon.” Many websites have experienced sharp decreases in traffic simply because they lack a streamlined transition from desktop to mobile. Just as Google wants to ensure a great user experience, you should want the same for visitors of your website – on any device.

By now it should be understood your website needs to be mobile-friendly, but what are the most important features to remember moving forward?

  1. CTA (Call-to-Action): Engage your visitors by telling them the next step. Like what you see? Call us! Email us! Come on down to the shop! Make sure you have CTAs implemented on every page of your site. This can be accomplished easily by placing buttons in the footer or header.
  2. Maps and Directions: If you are being searched for on mobile, the prospective customer may be trying to get to you right away. Easy access to maps and directions keeps your bounce rate down and your site frustration-free.
  3. Form Fills – Everywhere: You always want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to reach you, no matter where they are on your site. Including a simple form fill will engage the visitor and jump-start the sales process.
  4. Click to Call: This capability allows a user to click the phone number when they see it, and a window will pop up automatically asking if they want to call the number.
  5. Responsive Website Design: The absolute best way to make your site mobile-friendly is with responsive design. This dynamically enables your site to appear the same way no matter what device it’s on or what size screen. The cohesive look allows your site to have all the same content and functionality, whether a visitor is browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet. Google’s search algorithms can detect this setup when it crawls the page, giving your site the mobile-friendly stamp of approval.

Need help making your site mobile-friendly? Contact SmartLink at 561.688.8155.

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