There are a lot of resources out there that can point you in the right direction as you devise your digital marketing strategy, but the experience of a specialist will tell you where you can be led astray.

Don’t make the mistake of treating digital as an afterthought. If you want your campaigns to be engaging, put some thought into them. Planning a campaign just weeks before the launch isn’t going to produce the best possible consumer experience.
• Marketing with an outdated site. Why spend money driving traffic to site that causes visitors to bounce? Your website should be the first thing that gets attention. Make sure your visual imagery is up to industry standard and your site is designed for conversion optimization. A/B testing is also recommended before launching any major campaigns.
Non-responsive website. Do something right or don’t do it at all! Why would you have a site that doesn’t work more than half the time? People use their desktops less and less, and marketers have years of data on mobile traffic to back that up. Yes, you do need that responsive upgrade.
Creating an account on every social media network. You know social media is important and you want to have all your bases covered. We get it, but unless you have the manpower and commitment to maintain an active presence on each of those platforms, don’t bother. It’s better to figure out which social media channels will best benefit your brand and keep them updated consistently.
Missing opportunities to collect data. If you’ve got the digital assets, use them. You have a killer website, a Facebook page and campaigns to drive traffic to them – so, collect leads! Make sure you follow up on the interaction with form fills, get their contact data and email addresses.

Of course, there are many more traps to fall into and mistakes to be made along the way to digital marketing mastery. The best advice? Listen to your digital agent.

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