When it comes to getting ranked in the search engines, content is always king. If you have quality keyworded content, you can get your site to rank well in the search engines without backlinks. But how do you know what keywords to use for your website?

Let’s start with an experiment.

Think of something right now you want to search for in Google. For the sake of example we will use “greek restaurants west palm beach.”  Before we review the results, there are some things that you need to know about search engines. They track I.P. addresses so they know where you located when you search. Especially if you have a mobile phone, they know where you are by GPS or by triangulating your signal. So search results may appear different to someone in West Palm Beach than they would be in Atlanta. Search results are more localized especially when you search a keyword with a city or a zip code.


Let’s reverse engineer our results.

First we see the local places results that have links to the restaurant’s website. So that would let me know that if I’m a business that I need to get into Google places. Looks like Taverna Opa has some great reviews. Reviews are content and remember…content is king as we said before.


Scroll lower in the page and we will find individual websites for businesses.

Again it looks like Taverna Opa is on top of the search as well. Why? Not only is their content keyworded for Greek Restaurants, but even the title tag in their code displays “Greek Restaurants.”  Because the term Geek, Restaurants and West Palm Beach is used in their website, they tend to rank higher in the search engines for their competitors.


So let us get back to looking for the right keywords for your website.


What do you want people to type in the search box in order to find your business? Don’t say “restaurant.” You will never get ranked. When it comes to searching for information people are much smarter with the internet than they were in 1999. Consumers know how to refine searches. So maybe you are a “Greek Restaurant in West Palm Beach” then why don’t you have these keywords in your content and in your code? Now don’t overdo it and stuff your keywords into your website. Google’s search algorithms are smart enough to slap you and your momma. Just make sure that your keywords are used in your content and that it makes sense to the user. Better user experience is what Google is looking for as well; you don’t want a spammy looking website anyway.


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