Yesterday, Apple held its annual device launch. Revealed were the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the long discussed Apple Watch.

Advertisers are already thinking about how these new devices can be used in their marketing strategy. With the new phone models comes opportunity for bigger, more vivid media and ad formats.

A larger phone is something that Apple has been slow to develop. Big screens are favored by many consumers for using apps, games, videos, or simply browsing the web. Some find social media to be more engaging on a larger screen.

That could result in more money being allocated to campaigns on video-sharing apps. Eric Dahan, CEO of said “significantly bigger screens for iPhone enthusiasts and, as a result, potentially a significant increase of mobile social media engagement—particularly via Vine and Instagram’s visual photo-video platforms.”

The market for wearable technology seems more legitimate now that Apple has entered the game. Although smart watches from other companies like Samsung or Motorola had some degree of success. Now marketers have to figure out a non-invasive way to display their messages on the small screen of the watch.

First of all, brands are thinking of the fitness enthusiast and health conscious consumer. The watch can track your movement throughout the day, providing health data. Mindshare partnered with Map My Fitness to interpret the data and understand “how to utilize wearable to improve everyday life,” said Jeff Malmad, Mindshare’s mobile director in North America.

Then there’s the enhanced notification featured in the latest mobile software from Apple, iOS 8. Apps can alert users with progressive notifications, allowing them to take immediate action. This is good and bad for marketers, as well as app developers. A notification can be an interruption, especially in the case of iWatch, which will be seen far more often.

And at last, the new iPhones have near field communication (NFC) chips. They will be able to connect wirelessly to other systems with NFC, introducing mobile payments. Apple Pay service enables consumers to pay with their credit card simply by swiping their phones. Some retailers, such as Starbucks and Walgreens, are already set up for it.
Apple’s mobile ad business, iAds is likely to expand across platforms, serving ads on iPhones, iPads, iTV, iTunes Radio, and eventually the iWatch.

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