Here’s a tip from one of the best web designers in West Palm Beach.

You can have the most beautiful site in the world. But if nobody can find it on the web…what’s the purpose of even having a site?

Web design must incorporate basic SEO (search engine optimization) features in order to get your site traffic on the web. It also must incorporate some features in order to be seen on a mobile browser.

Before designing a website do you know what Google likes to see in a website? If your website is not up to Google’s standards, the ranking of your website may suffer.

Part of your website design should be content. Content is king. Make sure you provide potential readers of your website great content. Answer a possible questions that they may ask, solve a problem or entertain the reader.

Remember, there are two reasons that people visit a website:

  1. To be entertained.
  2. To solve a problem.

If your website can solve and person’s problem while entertaining them you can have a great website.

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