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You have just spent a massive amount of cash for your new website with all the bells, whistles and pop-up video spokesperson yet nobody is visiting it unless they type in your entire web address. That’s not good. Most web designers don’t understand too much about SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. We work with businesses in and around the West Palm Beach area, helping them in designing their websites, and completing search engine optimization programs so their website appears in search engine’s results pages. In working with these clients, we hear all the time that the web designer did SEO, but once we take a look at the site, we see more times than not, that the website’s SEO work was either insufficient or inadequately done, and sometimes, no optimization was done at all.

Optimization is a very important step in the web design process that too often goes overlooked. By having a nice website, doesn’t mean search engines will put your website in top ranking in search engine results pages for relevant search queries. You have to optimize the website, which is a separate process from designing a website.

SEO is broken into two parts, on-site and off-site. On-site is performing work on the site, kind of like how a mechanic works on your car. Off-site is kind of like the guys that work on the roadway. They don’t perform the work on your car, but you can get to where you want to go, in your car, faster because the road is paved. So if you have a good running car and paved road, your website can be driven higher in the search engines. Do you follow me? If not you can call us at:


The moral of this story:

Before you get a new website for your business, ask the web designer if they can optimize it on-site and off-site. Asking a web designer to perform SEO is like having a plumber pull your teeth. Better yet, give us a call at SmartLink Internet Marketing in West Palm Beach, Florida. We work with businesses in and around the West Palm Beach area offering web design and SEO programs. We focus in a niche market: building websites and optimizing them. We’re not plumbers or dentists, we are marketers who understand how to build you great website with our web design and SEO marketing staff.

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