Online reputation is serious business. It only takes one bad experience and everyone who “Googles” your business can see good, bad and ugly reviews about your business.

So what can you do to get rid of negative comments that keep showing up about your business?

Dealing with Reviews

Here are a few ways to eliminate the negativity about your company.

  • Catch a monster while it is young. If you see a bad review of your business, email the person that wrote it and offer to make the experience better for them. (i.e. offer a free lunch, gift card…ect.)
  • Ask regular customers to write positive reviews for you on Yelp, Google Places or other social networks. Offer them a coupon for your business for their time.
  • Don’t get aggressive with the person that posted a negative review. It will only make them more upset. So instead of one bad review today, you may have 30 tomorrow.
  • Monitor what people are saying about your business. You can get real-time alerts any time someone says something bad about your business. That way the comment can be dealt with immediately while the thoughts (and password to his email and social networks) are still fresh in the reviewers mind.

SmartLink has internet marketing solutions to monitor your reputation in real-time. You can receive email or text alerts the minute someone posts something negative about your business.

Reputation Management Monitoring Tools.

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