Retargeting is a great way to compliment all your digital advertising efforts, especially for B2B. A great lead generation tool, retargeting boasts powerful tracking, speed and repetition, going to work as soon as it’s triggered and repeatedly displaying until it gets clicked or its algorithm says “that’s enough.”

Here’s how it works:

When a consumer visits your website, through whatever means, a retargeting cookie is dropped on their browser in order to maintain a connection with them while they continue using that same browser to surf the Web. By the nature of them visiting your site, this consumer is naturally a prospect, your services are clearly something they’re thinking about and looking into. Once this consumer leaves your site and continues to other sites that suit their interests, regardless if it’s reading the news or going on Facebook, a retargeting display ad will be served to this consumer. Seeing the display ad featuring your business will reinforce your brand, remind them of the service they were looking into and compel them to return to your site.

This reminder is particularly effective in B2B marketing because businesses will have many undertakings that they’ve been meaning to do but get put on hold because of other urgent needs. A retargeting ad is your way of popping your services back into the picture to say “Remember this? You wanted to order 40 new polos for your team in time for the trade show next quarter. Don’t forget!” It keeps these products and services top of mind and having your brand follow potential customers around online will ensure your company is chosen when it’s time to buy.

If you’re running a Pay Per Click campaign (which we hope you are!), retargeting is a fast, affordable way to boost your efforts. Research from Pretarget and Yahoo has shown that a display ad running alongside a Pay per Click campaign increases traffic and conversions overall. In this study, 31% of users click display ads, while 27% perform a search after seeing a display ad – revealing a 59% rise in conversions.

How important is retargeting? Well, 98% of users do not convert on their first visit to your website. Sad, but a good statistic to guide your digital strategy. The cookie dropped by your retargeting campaign will also track where users go on your site and can help dictate how you should follow up. When dealing with a longer B2B sales cycle, there’s a breakdown in phases a consumer goes through from being a prospect to a conversion. By visiting your site, consumers are aware of your brand; if they visit product pages, they are considering your services; if they made it to a contact page, they are clearly on the brink of making a decision and need to be nurtured – at which point, you can adjust the message of your display ad and drive them to a conversion.

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