It seems like an appropriate time to talk about Super Bowl commercials over the years and which ones were unforgettable favorites. But what about what can be expected of some of the major advertisers, like Coca Cola, GoDaddy, and Doritos, at this year’s game? As one of the most least-likely people to watch the actual game, I’ll be hanging around at half time to catch a certain commercial for Budweiser, who has won me over with some of their ads in the past.

Anomaly released this 60-second Budweiser spot, which is very similar to last year’s “Brotherhood,” about a baby Clydesdale and its trainer. Only this time, the teaser features a 10-week-old puppy who befriends another one of Budweiser’s beloved Clydesdales. So kick back, break open a bud, and raise your drinks to yet another charming and lovable Budweiser spot.

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