The highly publicized $4 million Super Bowl spots are already showing signs of providing plenty of bang for the bucks in the form of web traffic. The 112 commercials that ran featured 72 different brands and had been hyped up for weeks ahead of time.

The 2014 Super Bowl game was a record breaker in many ways; such as the quickest score from start of the game (12 seconds), the most viewers (111.5 million), and for advertisers, the largest increase in web traffic seen from Super Bowl spots.

According to Adobe Digital Index, the $4 million spots increased traffic to websites an average of 163% above normal daily traffic. That’s a 15% increase from last year, making it the largest increase in traffic thus far.

For example, Maserati chose the Super Bowl as a way to premiere Ghibli, their first car under $100,000. Once their commercial ran, searches for the car went up 4,250percent, according to Kelley Blue Book. Their dedicated site,, was actually overwhelmed by the incoming wave of traffic and temporarily went down.

Another telling statistic: a 110% year-over-year increase in smartphone traffic, reported by Adobe Digital Index. Still, traffic from tablets provided 19 percent overall, compared to 14 percent from smartphones.

Data like this further proves the importance of staying on top of digital media for marketers and businesses everywhere.

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