Your company has a website, but do they have a “web presence?”  A web presence is what every business needs. It’s not just having a website online.   Instead, it’s about sharing your business information across the web, on sites that searchers use.  It’s providing your business information such as location, hours of operation, and payment types. This can be done by not only submitting your business to search engines but to many of the major directories on the web as well as GPS systems and mobile directories.

Major marketing executives know that placing your business in these web directories can turn these listings into profits. Being listed with hundreds of directories is like having hundreds of mini websites that lead customers to your door.

The problem with these directories is that they share information with each

"This is NOT the Pizza Shop."

other. If one of your listings is wrong it could spread virally to other directories. If your address or telephone information is off by even one digit it could be a nightmare for your company as well as the poor guy that keeps getting “wrong phone number” calls all day.

If you have verified business information going through the proper checks and balances then you won’t have that problem. We hear all the time from businesses that their information is wrong on Google Places or Bing and Yahoo. They want to know how to correct it and get the correct information spread across the web.

There is a solution to this problem.

Right here at SmartLink we correct these types of problems for companies’ large and small everyday.

We gather your business information and submit it to major databases and the search engines. We ensure your is data verified before it gets published to the major directories. We also push this data out to the directories at various intervals to make sure we have the most up-to-date information about your business.

Once your information goes through a verification process, the correct information will start to spread across the web.

If you have questions about submitting to directories, please give us a call at SmartLink at 561-688-8155. (If you are on a SmartPhone, just tap the numbers on your screen.)

We can get your business online, in the search engines and into hundreds of top level directories with your verified company information.

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