strategic business partnerThe advent of the self-serve digital marketing platform has opened new doors to many small and medium sized businesses. These platforms grant entrée to the sort of digital marketing tactics that are typically accessed through marketing agencies. With so many viable choices across a range of digital marketing channels—paid search, display advertising and news releases, among others—the selection of a strategic marketing partner can be lengthy and puzzling. How do you know if you’ve picked the right partner?

Much like any other relationship, a strategic marketing partnership should be a fit for both parties. You may find a best-in-class solution for buying digital media, only to learn the vendor has a minimum budget requirement that could stretch your ad dollars to the limit. Is it worth risking most of, or even your entire, digital marketing budget in order to test a new advertising vehicle? On the other hand, you may have reporting or tracking needs that exceed the capabilities of a given platform. Should you compromise your marketing methodologies so you can leverage the latest and greatest in digital?

These are just a few examples of the questions that should be answered before consummating a deal with a potential vendor. Advertising pioneer David Ogilvy famously said, “Never stop testing.” Perhaps the best way to put this expression into practice is by discovering scalable solutions for deploying your digital ad dollars. By sourcing partners that can prove their model with a modest budget but have the ability to scale up, you can both protect your budgets and vet potential partners. And it can all be done within the framework of your existing advertising campaign.

When in doubt, going through a proven digital marketing agency can make these decisions a lot easier. An established agency will already have the relationships and the technical expertise necessary to execute these tactics. A good agency will have the buying power an advertiser needs to gain access to best-in-class solutions, and many of them have custom-designed solutions of their own. To learn more about how a digital marketing agency can help simplify your search for the right strategic partners, contact SmartLink Internet Marketing today.

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