The use of social networks and social media optimization (SMO) for advertising has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes in the digital age. Television, radio, and other forms of traditional advertising are still relevant, but a robust online presence is a necessity. Businesses of all sizes are benefiting from social network advertising and your business should not be missing out. SMO gives potential customers immediate feedback from a community of users on what your business is all about. Many businesses try to manage their online presence on their own, but a little bit of outside assistance can go a long way.

Maintaining and growing your online presence is a inexpensive and effective way to get your business mass exposure. In some cases, the use of social websites is free for businesses, but it takes an expert to maximize your conpany’s presence and keep customers engaged with new and enticing content. SMO is a critical component to doing business online these days since the internet is so accessible; not only can consumers surf your site on a computer but on their smartphone or tablet, as well., for instance, has an enormous online database of companies of all types and is integrated with social media to give visitors advice and recommendations on a myriad of services. Yelp is one terrific resource that potential customers visit to find information on companies in specific areas. Business owners can monitor and edit their content on Yelp and give site visitors insightful information about the specific services they offer and what makes their companies unique. Yelp is a classic example of eWOM (electronic word of mouth), as the website allows individuals to write reviews, as well as give service providers rankings.

Writing content specifically for social media optimization is like a fine art. Improperly placed and awkward web content can adversely affect your business. Working with an agency that lives on the forefront of digital advertising is the best way to maximize your online ad investment and minimize the risk. While the digital age of advertising continues to plow ahead, you don’t need to be left behind. Call Smartlink Internet Strategies today at (561) 688-8155.