The use of social media networks has exploded in the past decade, from the introduction of the first primitive version of Myspace through the rise of Facebook to the integration of Twitter in daily life.  Social media has grown to foster communication between organizations, communities, and individuals, and when implemented in a thought-out way, it has proven to be an effective tool for businesses in creating an army of word-of-mouth advocates.  Social media is an inexpensive marketing platform that can serve in multiple capacities–as a branding tool, a way to interact with consumers in real time, and an inbound lead generator.  In promoting a brand or company effectively with social media, several guiding principles should be considered:

  •  Share.  Users enjoy having insight into the inner workings of businesses.  Sharing photos and behind-the-scenes information helps develop interest in your company.
  • Listen.  Keep track of the comments being made about your company, brand, and products/services.
  • Ask.  Pose questions to followers to gain valuable insight and to show that you are interested in the thoughts and concerns of your customers.
  • Respond.  Be sure to always respond to comments and feedback from users in real time.
  • Reward.  Provide information on special offers, discounts, and time sensitive deals to users.  Incentives will encourage customers to follow your brand online.
  • Champion your stakeholders.  Repost or feature great or relevant comments by customers or users.
  • Establish the right voice.  Be sure all language used is consistent and reflects your brand identity and the social media channel being utilized.

There is competition virtually around every corner, and one way to stand apart from them is an interactive and engaging social media presence.  To further improve your brand’s online presence, talk with the experts at SmartLink today.  Call them at (561) 688-8155 to schedule a consultation with a representative and to explore how SmartLink can help you with your social media needs.