A local store owner in Port Orange, FL has been operated a signage store.  For the first 8 years of business the store owners were successful in staying in operation, but strived to find a way to turn the corner of increasing revenues enough so that it was no longer a month to month challenge. They constantly looked for advertising solutions to help them overcome this obstacle, but each advertising solution they tried didn’t seem to take effect as they had hoped.  With hesitation, they decided to give internet marketing a try with a small pay per click campaign targeted around their local market on a 90 day trial basis.


Considering the short window of time to execute and effective marketing campaign we decided to set up a pay per click advertising campaign as it is an cost effective, quickly producing campaign.


Within the first 30 days this local sign store received a 1200% increase in qualified leads.  The store owners were very satisfied and continued on with the program.  By the third month of the program, they had seen an additional increase of 91% over the first month, and a 2300% increase in leads as compared to their incoming leads before working with SmartLink’s pay per click program.   This client has been very satisfied, and referred SmartLink to many other business owners, and since said they ‘ve definitely turned that corner of wondering how they were going to promote their store in the next month because we’ve helped them solve that problem. and since the trial period ended.  This local store has continued to have SmartLink Internet Strategies manage their pay per click advertising campaign with great results.

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