It has been documented that up to 80% of purchasing decisions start with keyword search on the internet.  Individuals are now choosing search engines, or local listings and marketing sites to locate companies in their area.  Therefore Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential marketing tools that will employee a range of methods to increase your site’s presence and influence on the web, with the aim of  seeing high rankings in organic search results. For example, if a prospective buyer uses any of above mentioned means to find your kind of product and service, and you’re not there, then you will lose out to your competitors. SEO then, although difficult to understand at first, is  a necessary advertising strategy.  However, the perceived complexity has caused many business owners to miss out on the benefits of SEO, seeing its modern approach to advertising as too uncertain   But with the exponential growth of individuals searching for products and services on the web through organic search, SEO, even for traditional style businesses, has become a necessary advertising avenue to explore.

That’s why SmartLink’s SEO program includes several elements that work harmoniously together to increase our clients’ position in organic results through targeted keywords. We are convinced that SEO stretches further than a company’s website, because an effective SEO program needs optimization both on-site and off-site in order to gain maximum exposure on the web.  Many of these strategies will include things like anchor text, backlinking and URL modifications, plus much more.  And since SEO is always an evolving business we seek to remain fully conversant with the latest changes in algorithm search updates for Google, Yahoo and Bing, so that our clients always get the best possible results. We believe its important to be at the very cusp of SEO strategies on the web.

At SmartLink, we are continually improving our strategies to make sure that we provide exceptional results for our clients.  For more information about we can help you with the SEO then please call us at SmartLink  here in West Palm Beach at 561-688-8155.