SEO Strategy is the method and science of generating and creating greater visibility on the web through unpaid organic search results.  It is not discouraged by the major search engine websites, but rather promoted and encouraged.   But just because the door is wide open for SEO that does mean it’s easy to pass through.  If you want your website to fail all you have to do is to go in neutral, and neglect to actively engage your site’s content with the available SEO tools and opportunities.  Even if your website is utilizing the very latest in web design it will not guarantee optimized ranking and visibility, resulting in high volumes of traffic that will lead to conversions.  It will also require the use correctly applied SEO Strategies.

There are basically 4 major logically prioritized building blocks to any SEO Strategy:  Meta Data, Back Linking, Updated Content, and Social media. See below:

  1. Meta Data:  This is the text the web crawler will read to identify, in summary form, the content of your website.  This will include key words, the page description, and the title of the page.
  2. Back Linking: hyperlinks that allow the user to navigate to your website from another external website
  3. Updates: Regular new and fresh SEO friendly content added to your website through site revisions and additions i.e. blog posts
  4. Social Media: social and personalized sites for the communication of your content, whether that’s products and services or personal interests and hobbies

These SEO principals are the necessary foundations blocks for any successful SEO Strategy, allowing your website to gain maximum exposure and visibility on the web.  However you will need a SEO specialist to wisely build and construct a SEO friendly website, with ongoing revisions and additions to your website in order to maintain and increase your presence on the web.  Contact us today to find out we can help take your rightly place on the internet!

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