After failing to land a deal with SnapChat , the leading photo messaging app, Mark Zuckerberg is taking action. Since 2012, Zuckerberg has been trying to find a way to compete with SnapChat after they denied his attempt to merge the two social media moguls.

Poke, an app designed to mimic SnapChat, was quickly deleted when it lacked to gain popularity. Early this year Facebook offered SnapChat $3 Million dollars, but was not able to make a deal. As a new attempt to gain teen popularity, Zuckerberg is personally overseeing a project to create an app called “Slingshot.” This app will have the same capabilities of sending pictures and videos that are only available for up to ten seconds.

Could Slingshot be the new trend for embarrassing selfies? Or will SnapChat continue to monopolize the market? Recently releasing its plans to have video chatting abilities, SnapChat will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

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