Did you ever watch “The Voice” and save your favorite performer from elimination by “hashtagging” his or her name on Twitter? Well now, Twitter allows you to actually record and watch shows from your TV or mobile device with Comcast’s “See It” button. This button is embedded into a tweet. When users click on it, they can tune in to live streaming, access a program on-demand, and set reminders to record future shows.

Comcast introduced this social media feature on November 22 with NBC Universal programming. Shows on Syfy, like “Haven” and “Naked Vegas,” are supported with the See It button. Soon, other cable networks may partner with Comcast to promote their programs using the advertising platform. If Comcast can extend the See It feature to other pay-TV networks and video distributors, more content will be visible and accessible for people who are already paying for it.

Twitter may be the best thing yet for TV networks. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to have the social media platform boost your Nielsen ratings by an impulse opportunity to watch a show in real time with just the click of a button.

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