In the ever-changing digital landscape, businesses are becoming more and more transparent. Within a few clicks, potential customers are able to access hundreds of reviews about your business on social media, review sites, blogs and more. Online reviews have a tremendous influence on potential customers. Our reviews & reputation management software offers a way for you to take control of your online reviews & reputation with our online reviews & reputation management system. We provide a simple and safe way to build and maintain a robust and positive online reviews & reputation management strategy.

Our SmartRep dashboard puts you in control of your online reviews & reputation by allowing you to see every review in one place, and sort them by location and employee. Connect with your customers, control negative reviews and monitor employee performance from a single dashboard that’s available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Improve Web Reputation

We improve your business’ reviews & reputation on the web by reaching out to your current customers via email and asking them for a review. Once the customer has responded, our intelligent routing software captures positive reviews and automatically posts them to popular review sites, including Google+, Facebook and Yahoo. These customers are also asked to post their review onto social media and review sites through their personal accounts. Negative reviews are sent directly to your management team, and the customer posting the negative review is routed to a page containing a message that offers an apology and expresses your commitment to providing a better user experience. This can be a text or a video message completely customized to your business.

Managing your company’s online reviews & reputation is critical to driving profits and increasing your web presence. Reviews are heavily weighted and a contributing factor to your business’s rankings on search engines. Learn more about online reviews & reputation management and improve your web reputation by contacting us today or visiting our online reviews & reputation management website.

Improve SEO Rankings

Google is paying attention to what your customers are saying and so should you! Did you know that Google now displays your star ratings right on the search engine results pages? Google also gives more weight to the businesses who are maintaining better online reviews & reputations. Our solutions provide an easy and cost-effective solution to keep your reviews up to date and active.

The below example demonstrates how a generic search term pulls up a carousel of results. The first results on the carousel are all above 4 star reviews. Beneath the carousel are the organic results, notice how they are all review sites.

It’s clear Google searches on mobile devices have surpass the amount of searches coming from a desktop. Let’s take a look at the results on Google Maps, an application that millions of users turn to while on the go. What do the top search results have in common? They all have over a four star rating and they each have a substantial number of reviews.

online reviews make up your digital reputationWhen you consider that 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as in-person recommendations and 70% of customers seek out and choose business with at least six to ten reviews, it becomes apparent that in spite of everything you are doing right, online reviews and reputation can make or break you.

Managing your company’s online reviews and reputation is critical to driving profits and increasing your web presence. Reviews are heavily weighted and a contributing factor to your business’s rankings on search engines. To find out how we can improve your business’ online reviews and reputation management, contact us today!