Measuring traffic and other data from your website is vital to generating and maintaining traffic to your website. Google has provided a free service called Google Analytics for years. However, the stats would be delayed for approximately 24 hours.

On Thursday, Google announced Real-Time Google analytics. This will provide real-time data, plus it will measure the impact of social media on your website. This is great news especially if your company has a blog that is connected to social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

According to Google’s Analytics Blog:

Accessing Real-Time
You’ll find the Real-Time reports only in the new version of Google Analytics. If you’re not already using the new version, you can start by clicking the “New Version” link in the top right of Google Analytics. Real-Time reports are in the Dashboards tab (though they will move to the Home tab in the updated interface next week) . You will have access to Real-Time reports if you are an Administrator on your Analytics account, or if you have access to a profile without profile filters. Real-Time does not support profile filters.

If you want your Google Analytics account to include real time, you can get on the list by filling out the form on this page httpss://



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