More than ever people are using their mobile phones and GPS systems to find businesses. If your information isn’t verified or correct, the information people find online could be sending your customers to your competitor’s door.

How would you like to submit your business to hundreds of online directories including mobile phone and GPS systems like Garmin or OnStar and be included in directories and city guides including the big three search engines all at once with verified accurate information?

We can put your business online with correct and accurate information that you provide, not what other people provide.

Super-savvy web users know that they can submit directly to larger search portals but this is a time-consuming process, and few experts rarely know all the places where the information needs to be submitted.  We know where to submit your business information online so that your company’s information is complete and accurate.

Our SmartList program is easy, effective and efficient because it feeds

Put Your Business Online

directly into the major online databases which supply your information to most of the online directories, GPS systems, and mobile phone providers.  Even more, the databases we feed your information to are considered trusted sources by all major publishers.  This information gets listed into Google’s 411 services 1-800-GOOG-411 and even their 411 text messaging service.

Try it now. Text your business’ name to see if Google can find you. Send your business name to Googl or 46645. You should get a text back shortly with information. (Text messaging rates do apply. If you have unlimited texting it’s free like most Google products.)

If you can’t find your business your business’ website online, you need to take action now before your competition gets all of your customers.

Call us now if you have any questions or email Tguard @

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