A Tweet is a powerful tool.  Over 500 million people currently use Twitter, nearly double the number of users last year.  For businesses, Twitter can help in you interact with consumers, amplify your message, and ultimately grow your business.  Promoted tweets, a new feature that allows paid advertising on Twitter, offers a variety of benefits for businesses.

  • Twitter provides highly customizable targeting.  Twitter advertising offers several ways to target “promoted tweets” to specific audiences.  Twitter users can be targeted based on location, interests, and past visits to your site.  Targeting your “promoted tweets” puts your message in front of both potential customers and existing brand advocates.
  • It drives traffic to your landing page.  In a “promoted tweet”, when a user clicks on your link, they leave Twitter and are redirected to a site or page of your choice.  In this case, Twitter acts more as a search engine, driving traffic to your home page.
  • It offers low cost pay-per-click options.  There is significantly less competition on Twitter as opposed to Google.  So in some instances, Twitter can be the more cost-efficient option between the two.
  • Twitter provides opportunities for organic audience growth.  A well-executed campaign on Twitter is bound to attract the attention of new followers who will see and hopefully “retweet” the tweets you send.  “Promoted tweets” increases brand exposure, broadening your area of influence.

When Twitter first introduced its advertising capabilities, some were skeptical about its viability for small businesses.  So in March 2012, Twitter introduced the launch of its self-service ad platform, a feature created specifically for small companies.  This effort by the social media network to further monetize the free-to-use service has made Twitter advertising more accessible to small businesses.  If your company is interested in enhancing its own online presence, SmartLink has the tools to assist you with you any needs.  Contact SmartLink at (561) 688-8155 to develop your social media strategy today.