Get Your Message Out There

Press release distribution is valuable for any business to gain exposure whether in their local area or nationwide. Companies that want to be successful are constantly looking for ways to gain media attention so that their products and services will be presented to as many people as possible. Now, more than ever, journalists and the public use the internet and search engines as their primary source of research. Due to this transition, the strategy behind creating press releases has changed to ensure a company’s press releases are circulated to the major search engines.

This is accomplished through optimized press releases. Once a press release is created, it must be optimized for specific keyword phrases so that search engines will index the press release properly and your press release appears in search engine results pages for those important keyword phrases.

Usually a press release has to be revised a few times in order to ensure the final optimized press release has interesting topical content, but also has correct optimization features for search engines. Additionally, it needs to include links back to the company’s website so that once the press release is picked up and distributed, searchers can take immediate action such as buying that great product you are offering.

In addition to creating a great optimized press release for the Internet, it is equally important to make sure the distribution channel your press release goes through has great exposure and reporting capabilities.

SmartLink has a wealth of knowledge in creating newsworthy press releases that get the exposure your company needs online, where both journalists and the public are reading their content. To learn how SmartLink can help you develop and distribute press releases, please contact us today.