Having difficulties finding out what Google’s Penguin update is all about? In evaluating the general consensus of the conversations on the web, and reading Google’s own published comments, it seems that Penguin will heavily mitigate against web spamming, especially bogus link-building.  The Penguin update was released last month and has been designed primarily to penalize webpages that are spamming through external link-building.  If you’re not really acquainted with spam, it’s when individuals do such things as “keyword stuffing” or “link farming” that ignores Google’s policies and procedures.

Penguin will bring to an end most of the automated backlinking campaigns.  Long gone are the days where you could start blogs and other sites just for the purpose of backlinking.  Backlinking will become the most difficult aspect of any SEO program to implement.  So what is best way to survive Penguin and still create credible backlinks?  The answer is to now link only from sites with existing authority with Google that are also in some way relevant to your site’s theme or subject.  This can be accomplished through reciprocal link building and guest blogging on like-minded websites that are not considered to be competitors.  There are other solutions, like utilizing social media backlinks, but the white hat territory of backlinking has been seriously contracted.

However, there is much reason to remain optimistic about Penguin and backlinking, providing that you are willing to play by the rules and take those extra steps needed to link from only authoritative sites.   Now you will be able to streamline your backlinking efforts and thus save valuable time and energy.  By simply focusing on generating credible backlinks you will increase your chances of having a permanent and prominent  position on the web.

The questions then remains, was your site hit by Google Penguin?  It’s simple to check.  Review your search-related traffic from Google right after the date of the launch of Penguin.  If you find that there has been a significant decrease in traffic in contrast to a couple of days before, then that is a sure sign that your website has been hit by Penguin.  On the other hand, if you see no decline in traffic then you can safely conclude that you have survived the update and are currently running a fully functional white hat SEO website.  For more information about getting your site back to the top of the organic results, call SmartLink at 561-688-8155.