Is online website traffic the best way to truly measure your visibility and influence on the web? I would say at the very least website traffic is the best overall metrics available to track the popularity and value of your website on the web.  Even though high ranking organic results is a close second (especially if it allows you to sell links) it still does necessarily mean people are visiting your site and staying on your site.  With traffic analytics you can prove the popularity of your site, and its conversion rate.  What I mean by that is, a site with lots of traffic is easier to monetize because you’ll have the volume of traffic needed to find those users who are seeking to purchase your products and services, or are more likely to click on the ad groups on your site that are selling merchandise related to your website’s subject and theme

Plus if you can get high volumes of traffic through SEO, and not SEM, your ROI is going to greatly increase.  The question now becomes how do you get more visitors to your website through SEO?  Well that’s where we can help. Allow us at Smart Link to do the SEO leg work for you, we will not only track your traffic but also increase it through our online website traffic SEO services.   Contact us today for better way of doing business on the web.

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