Your online reputation is not only an important part of your business’s overall brand perception, but it is becoming increasingly more impressionable in the minds of your consumers. If not managed appropriately, it can become a powerful tool for your competitors.

According to studies by BIA Kelsey, nearly 97% of consumers say they read online reviews about local businesses. Marketing Land reports that reviews regularly show up in local search results, and 90% of consumers have said positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. So why should you be worried about these consumers who surf the web for opinions of their peers? Because studies by Nielsen show that 82% of people who visit review sites do so because they are intending to purchase a product or service.

Going a step further, people have easy access to publishing their opinions online and often do so within seconds of their experiences, thanks to the mobile technology available today. Yelp, one of the largest review websites, gets nearly 50% of its input from users on mobile devices. That means, as a business owner, you have minimal time between the customer’s actual interaction and their opinions being shared on a website with over 150 million visitors every month, and that is on only one website. Talk about the voice of the people!

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