Online display advertising is not necessarily a new proposition for marketers, but there is a slew of new ways to incorporate it into a campaign.  Traditionally, a display ad might appear in a newspaper or on a billboard; however, at the pace which digital technology is replacing traditional forms of media, it may not be long before people will infer that “display advertising” means that it is online.  The display ad in the traditional sense could contain a call to action, but it is more often used by general advertisers to build brand awareness.  The same holds true for online display ads.  Considering the average click-through rate of an online display ad is 0.1%, branding and building awareness should be the focus of your display advertising campaign.

Display advertising on the internet is an extremely versatile tool, one that can be employed for mass audiences or honed to hit a very precise target.  There are a variety of approaches from which to choose when deciding how to reach your audience:

  1. Geographic, Demographic, Endemic, and Contextual Targeting
  2. Behavioral Targeting
  3. Remarketing
  4. Engagement-Based Optimization

Options from the first group above focus on displaying an advertiser’s creative on sites that in some way relate to the target audience or the content of the ad itself.  For instance, an advertiser promoting a new sneaker may elect to run on sites that skew towards a young male demographic, or perhaps sites relating to sports, or even both.  But in the modern world of display advertising, marketers aren’t limited strictly to sites based around a theme or demographic, they can get much more personal.  With behavioral targeting and remarketing, an online advertiser can use cookies to track users and market directly and specifically to them based on their behavior and web-surfing history.  Engagement-based optimization adds another layer to the process of establishing your best value by using advanced metrics to determine which sites offer the lowest cost when delivering your desired demographic.

SmartLink is your guide to understanding what online display advertising tools best suit you and will help you execute a campaign tailored to hit your target audience.  With clear reporting and responsive customer service, SmartLink solves the question of online display.