What is the benefit of using a key phrase when doing a search on google, as opposed to just using a keyword?  For some time now keywords have been the focal point of SEO.  However there is good reason to believe that keywords, in the main, are becoming too competitive and most users are now typing in key phrases as opposed to keywords.  What is this, and why are key phrases now preferred over a keyword when doing a search?

Basically a key phrase will contain more than one word that makes a small sentence or phrase to describe a subject, where a keyword is a single word that concisely defines a subject.  Keywords then are normally too broad in meaning and scope and capture results that are totally irrelevant to your query or search.  For example you could do a search for shades, intending to find results for window shades but instead get results for sunglasses.  But even if your keyword is unique and exclusive in definition and meaning you will still only be getting results that have found a match with that keyword, without any personal preferences considered.

For example if you did a search for cabinets, cabinets can only mean one thing, so you’ll safe guard yourself from irrelevant results, but you then have to sift through the results to find the cabinets you’re specifically looking for.  However if you were do a search with a key phrase you be able limit the search show results to your specified preferences.  i.e. Wooden Kitchen cabinets , or affordable kitchen cabinets.  You could further narrow your search by combining the two key phrases to create what is known as long tail key phrase ‘affordable wooden kitchen cabinets’.

Finally if you’re seeking to look and buy only within a particular area or region you can add what is known as a geo-modifier.  For example your complete key phrase will look something like this: ‘affordable wooden kitchen cabinets in West Palm Beach’.  Your results will still be numerous but you will be able to spend less time looking through websites that do not have what your looking for.

If you’re business and you see the value of key phrases then contact us at Smartlink today and we’ll be happy to advise on how we can make your website SEO friendly so that right key phrases are correctly applied to the content of your web pages, creating higher a potential for conversions!

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