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Google My Business was created to streamline the way small business owners manage their Google+ and Google + Local pages. Instead of constantly updating multiple profiles, all of your business profiles are integrated into one, making it easier to manage and optimize your Google presence. Customers will be able to find your company through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ with the click of a button on the computer or on their mobile device.




If you already have a Google Places or Google Plus account, you’re in luck! Your account will automatically switch over to Google My Business. To sign up, go to the Google My Business website, select “Get on Google” and search for your business name and address.

Let’s Get Started

After you have signed up for Google My Business, it’s important to check out all it has to offer. The point of My Business is to optimize your visibility in local search results online and on mobile devices. Choose a profile picture and cover photo that will stand out. Include pictures of your store, products, happy customers and the services you provide. Images will help increase your local search optimization because all Google Maps, Business listings and Plus feature these images in search results. Also, share other visual content like videos, articles or quotes to drive engagement and gain new customers. Don’t forget a link to your website!

Monitor and Manage Reviews

Another great feature of Google My Business is being able to monitor and manage your customer reviews. Whether reviews are good or bad, keeping track of them ensures your company is portrayed in the most positive light. It’s important to display great reviews and ratings with your customers, and be able to contact a customer who gave you a poor review so that you can rectify the situation. You can see what kind of reputation your store has from an outsider’s perspective, as well as how well you’re doing compared to other companies in your industry. Monitor and manage your reviews online or on your mobile device so you always know how much your customers enjoy their products.

Consumer Insight

As a business owner, the most valuable feature of the Google My Business application is the ability to determine what your customers want through analyzing your visibility, which posts tend to drive engagement and a breakdown of your audience. Google My Business allows you to keep tabs on who is looking at your website and how often.

You can track how many people have discovered your business and how often people are inquiring about your services through a Google search result. Monitor your follower engagement with daily user activity reports, like how many views, comments or shares your posts have acquired. This also provides guidance on what kinds of posts perform the best. The more engagement, the better your listing will rank in search results. Audience insights will show you how many followers you have and provide a breakdown of your demographic audience. Insight on your visibility, engagement and your audience will allow you to grow your business and visibility in local search engine results.

Get Going!

Google My Business is a great tool for small business and franchisees. You will be able to increase and track your search engine results at a click (or tap!) of a button. The Google My Business app can be downloaded on any computer or mobile devices. Sign up for Google My Business today and give your company a big boost in its online presence!

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