When performing a local search on Google, the display of the results providing the business’ name, address, phone number and map is called a Seven-Pack, referring to the list of seven locations.

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Google wants its users to have the best experience possible and therefore narrows down its local results to include listings with the most information and reviews, that way you are more likely to find what you want. When people find what they want quickly and easily using Google, they are known as the best search engine and are used the most often.

What does this mean for a local business? If you aren’t in this Seven Pack, potential customers may not see you!

The bare minimum you can do is get your location on Google My Business. You will be able to create a local business page and be found on local listings. You should participate in social media and completely fill out your profiles with as much information about your business as possible. Make sure your company website has your address listed on it (if you don’t have a website, you’re already losing money).

Try it out for yourself. Search for your location and industry to see if your site makes the seven-pack. For more information on SEO and local search management, give us a call.

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