Advertising on the internet is an outstanding idea for your business. With internet advertising, you can zero in on your demographic and actually track those who took some type of action.

Tracking results from traditional radio and television advertising doesn’t compare as it is based on statistical estimates, rather than tracked behavior.  However, Google is coming out with Google TV, which using tracking methods proven to be effective on Internet marketing campaign, will extract precise viewer information from people, making reporting much more reliable.

With online advertising; advertising impressions, clicks to the website, and even purchases can be tracked.  Some of these Internet advertising techniques can even record purchases and track them back as well as credit the original site visit if the person came to the site and didn’t purchase the first time, but came back and purchased later. Ingenious!

There are a few ways to advertise your business or gain exposure on the internet.

Directory Submissions – This is getting your business listed in 100’s of online directories. If you can get this done for your business, you are golden.

Banner advertising or display advertising – These are ads that graphics of some sort that are clickable.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – These are the “sponsored results” when doing a Google, Yahoo or Bing search on the web. Advertising with the search engines is a way to bring immediate traffic to your web site. You set the budget.

Email campaigns – These are done by collecting email addresses of customers or people who show interest in your product of service. You can send these people email updates, coupons, or just a thank you.

These are just a few examples of internet marketing for your business. There are other ways like affiliate marketing, contextual advertising, behavioral targeting, and semantic advertising. The list could go on to include mobile and gps inclusion which is another newer form of internet advertising.

As the internet goes evolves, new possibilities of advertising mediums on the internet will grow with the technology evolution.

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