People need direction. They need to know where to go. They can go to your business or they can go to a competitor’s business.

Why would you want to be on Google Maps?

Think outside the box.

People are using their computers and cell phones to get directions to

Google Maps

businesses more than ever.  60.7 million people are using their mobile web device. By mid 2011 that number may grow to 150 million as smartphones like Android get less expensive. (Source Nielsen)

Can you afford not to be on a Google Map?

The Android phone uses Google maps. Hit the Google Maps app button, type in the name of a restaurant or shoe store and it might as well drive your car for you right to the parking lot.

If the information is incorrect on Google Maps or is outdated, we at SmartLink know how to correct and verify this information. We can submit mass listings for franchises.

If you don’t think Google Maps is important or it’s just a fad…think again…think SmartLink.

We are great at correcting incorrect information on Google Maps.

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