Sorry but I can’t find your business.

People are using the search engines to find business information rather than using that big, heavy and old yellow book. Consumers are smart people. They want directions or a phone number to your business’s physical location.

Local Search Optimization is improving your site’s chances to be found by Local Search Engine Optimizatonthe local consumer while they are actively searching for a business.

Local search optimization is needed for your business. If you haven’t optimized for today, people will be going to your competitor’s business tomorrow.

For example, more than likely it is easy to find your store by brand name. But can people find your store if they search for “ice cream shops in Topeka” or Lawyers in West Palm Beach?”

That’s where SmartLink comes in. We can get your business ranked in the search engines for keywords or terms that we know will get traffic to your company’s website and then a customer to your door.

We also have the ability to not only get you ranked for popular search terms in your industry, but also we can submit your business information to places like mobile directories, GPS and other notable directories.  In total, we can submit your business information and website to over 350 local and national directories.

It’s almost like having 350 places where people can connect to your business on the web.

SmartLink is a West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Firm

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