To catch any viewer’s eye you need a catchy or intriguing headline but what keeps readers interested is the content. Not only is the information you’re portraying in the content important, but so is the length. Optimal length is determined by what you are writing.

  • Blogs/ Articles: According to publishing platform Medium , on average people read 200-250 words per minute so a good blog post or article should be no more than seven minutes, which is between 1,400 and 1,750 words. After seven minutes readers start to trail off and lose focus. Make sure in your blog the post in “scannable” by using headings, sub headings and bullet points which make it easier to identify key points.
  • Social Media: Even though Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters. Make the best of it. Data suggests that limiting your tweet to only 100 characters is the best way for sustain user engagement. According to Track Social, tweets from 72-100 characters get the most retweets. On Facebook, images get 120% more engagement than a regular post. The ideal post for engagement is between 100 and 119 characters.
  • Videos/Podcasts: As an adult we have the intention span of 9 seconds, so for video and podcasts it’s crucial to capture attention in the initial 9 seconds. To be effective, the average YouTube video must be between three to three and a half minutes long, and Podcasts should be should only last for about 22 minutes to avoid viewer drop off.

It is important to examine your content and make sure its short, sweet and to the point. The best way to increase views and user engagement is to control the length of your content. Keep the viewers interested and keep them coming back for more.

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