Monday, Google began distributing the Google Wallet App to Sprint customers. The Google Wallet app allows Smartphone users with near-field communications (NFC) to pay for items using a virtual payment system. The payment systems now are linked to Citi MasterCard, or a Google Prepaid Card.

In May of this year when Google introduced Google Wallet, it announced partnerships with a couple of banks as well as Sprint. Google licensed Visa’s NFC technology using the “Pay Wave” system.  The Pay-Wave Google Wallet Appsystem has been in use for a few years now. Some card holders actually have NFC technology on their card now. If your debit card has the pay-wave symbol on it, more than likely you have the ability to use Pay-Wave and not even know it. (With your debit card…not your phone.)

Would you be willing to use your mobile device as a virtual wallet?
Here’s a video from Google on, of course, Google Wallet.

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