Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are created to help generate potential customers to local Business.  In order to increase your return on investment, all telephone calls made through the PPC campaign are recorded and monitored back to the keywords that led to those calls. The data then can be used for ‘Conversion Based Optimization’ and allows you to change the bidding campaign details in order to better target keywords that are generating phone calls.

The ultimate objective then of call tracking is to determine who your potential new online customers are, that in turn will lead to increased sales and revenue for your local business. There are analytical metrics available for your call tracking number, such as call duration, date, time, and caller ID etc.  In other words you can evaluate the success of your campaign.  By tracking telephone calls you can measure the campaign on a ‘cost per click’ basis and then deduce a ‘cost per lead’ average.

Call tracking telephone numbers are helpful in tracking any call to your local business. The call tracking contact number differs from your official phone number but will redirect the calls immediately to your primary business number. The only way someone will come across the tracking telephone number is if they click on a search engine text ad.  Call Tracking then allows you to have an extra layer of worth to any  PPC campaign, whereby you can access a full online report on the success of your Ad groups.

Call Tracking can give you opportunity to measure your ROI for your PPC campaigns, allowing you to see if your investments are generating credible leads and conversions.  For more information on how to utilize call tracking to improve your PPC campaigns then please contact us at Smart Link Internet Marketing.