What will Google Instant search mean for search engine optimization?

We think that Google Instant will actually help people find more relevant information when they are searching for something.  When someone starts to type a search query, the searcher will probably uncover more information as they type.

Will it impact the search results?

According to Google, the answer is no. Keywords will still rule a search, but as people type they will see different results. This won’t drastically change a website’s position for keywords, but as the search is narrowed down using longer keyword phrases, people will get the specific results that they are looking for in the first place.

It’s always good to have content will satisfy the needs of a person’s search. If your content is relevant, then Google will have no trouble displaying your webpages at the top of a search.

What do you think of Google’s instant search? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think.

Google’s Official Blog Post on Google Instant

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