Local Search Engine Marketing

Google tried to buy Yelp. Why? It’s a company where users generate reviews about local businesses. Now there are rumors that Google wants to buy Groupon. Why? It’s local. Do you notice a trend here? There are many more small businesses than there are Fortune 500 companies. Google knows not to rely on the big boys. It’s the little guy that generates the most money for Google.

Searching for something in your neighborhood.

Have you tried to search for a seafood restaurant in your neighborhood lately? Google changed the results a bit in October. Now Google is showing local results pulled from Google Places in the first few spots of the search engine results. Why? It’s local. – Source: Google

If I am searching for a restaurant in my neighborhood, I don’t want to sift through thousands of results, I want local results. and the web is starting to realize this.

Local search marketing gives small businesses a chance to compete with the big boys online. Google knows that this is the age where people are ditching the big yellow book and utilizing their SmartPhones to look up businesses on the web.

There’s an App for that.

If you are an Android or iPhone user, you know that there are social apps out there for the local consumer, like Foursquare, Urban Spoon and Yelp. These apps not only pinpoint location through a phone’s GPS but users can also share reviews. If you want to find a good restaurant based on peer reviews, use one of these apps or sites to find out what people are saying about the food or service.

Final Word

Now more than ever it is vital to establish a presence on the web for any type of local business. People use their phones and their computers to look for restaurants, buy movie tickets, and see what others are saying about businesses. If you can’t be found, then you do not know what you are missing. SmartLink helps local businesses get noticed by consumers in their neighborhood, contact us today to learn how we can accomplish this for your business.

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