You don’t have a cell phone?  Inconceivable!  Mobile devices have become a platform for more than just communication.  They are our lifelines for accessing the web, social media sites, email and so much more.  The popularity of smartphones has increased and will continue to do so as the technology advances.  As a result, it is crucial for company websites to have mobile device compatibility.

Programming a website for mobile devices rather than a traditional desktop or laptop computer is considerably different.  There are functions within a mobile site, such as dialing a phone number via a hyperlink, saving an address, or pinning your current location, that may or may not apply or be necessary for your desktop or notebook computer.  These functions need to be correctly installed on a mobile website so that potential customers can get the most out of the services and information the site is providing.

At the end of the day, most companies have similar goals, but a website should exemplify each company’s unique approach to achieving these ends, and should be accessible on every platform.  Whether you’re looking to expand your clientele, reach a new target market, or enhance your brand, a mobile presence should be established and promoted.  Staying current with available technology and weaving it into a comprehensive online strategy is a critical part of any successful web marketer’s program.

First impressions are everything; create yours strategically!  The transition to mobile devices is the face of modern tech trends.  Allowing your website to be accessible on all fronts is demonstrating to consumers not only how modern and capable you are, but it guarantees convenience for tech-savvy customers.  Don’t know where to begin?  SmartLink Internet Strategies can help!  Contact them at their West Palm Beach office at (561) 688-8155.