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 We have entered a new age of marketing and selling products. For B2B companies, it’s all about building relationships, and turning contacts into customers. The best way to reach decision makers and display your work today is online.

LinkedIn is the largest business networking site in the world and, for B2B companies, is a great way to initiate business relationships with prospective customers. This practical social media site allows you to connect with other businesses, interact with them and educate them about your products and services in new and effective ways. You can search for contact by any industry, company size, location and more. LinkedIn also allows you to connect with other companies in your industry through group discussion or personal conversation. This helps you to stay in touch, be up to date on all the trends in your field and monitor the competition.

A large percentage of professional people are already using the platform, so for B2B companies, this is a no-brainer. You can use LinkedIn as a social sharing tool to pitch clients and boost your store’s reputation online. LinkedIn serves as a digital resume, and you should therefore optimize your profile to look professional and credible.

We encourage you to put as much information as possible up on your profile, including the skills and qualities that make you an expert in your field. Share not only important business success stories, but also content that will engage your connection, like blog posts, news releases, photos documenting your work, presentations and tips. Maintain your profile with frequent updates offering fresh information and the latest news. Connect your LinkedIn profile with other social media accounts.

Building your social presence and reputation gives you more visibility and allows you to target potential leads within the 8,000 new members that join LinkedIn every day. Sales can be made simply through engaging in comment threads and giving feedback online. Highlight your company’s strengths by making direct connections. Your online portfolio, social sharing habits and participation in discussion can help establish you as an authority in your field.

Creating long-lasting relationships with clients and other businesses is important for your success and is now easier than ever utilizing LinkedIn. Spend some time each week making connections, creating relationships and building your client base.

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