Are you in charge of marketing initiatives for a franchise organization? Do you have a large amount of single store locations, say over 1,500 locations?  If so, you already know it takes a substantial about of time and a very high cost to have your marketing or IT team submit each of your franchise locations to reputable online directories. Most franchise organizations realize the daunting nature of such a task and subsequently do not execute a strategy to take on a directory listing project.

By submitting your franchise locations to local online business directories, your franchise organization can reap tremendous benefit.  What are those benefits? First, you enable your local franchisees to gain business opportunities in their local communities.  Second, you gain control of making sure each store location is correctly listed across the internet.  Third, by listing your locations throughout the web on important and authoritative business directories, your corporate website and/or local store will receive impressive search engine optimization benefits.

So, what do we do? We get each of your franchise locations listed with other

Get Listed in GPS and Onstar
Get Listed in GPS and Onstar

300 directories in addition to mobile and GPS directories and 411 directory assistance directories.  By getting your locations listed in all of these directories you substantially increase the likelihood of potential customers finding your locations before finding someone else.

Customers use consumer sites, local directories, search engine maps, GPS systems and their mobile devices to find businesses in their area.  We get you listed in all of these places. Wouldn’t it be great to have your store locations submitted to GPS companies like Onstar… which literally guide customers to the parking lot of your business with such ease?

What if you’ve done this before but the information on the web now is incorrect? How do you correct incorrect information about your business on the web? SmartLink works with franchise groups and other businesses confirm the correct location and other important information. We make sure your business information is current and verified before it is listed in online directories. A wrong digit in an address or phone number can cost your franchise or business millions in the long run. After we submit your corrected information, your listings will be corrected over time as Google and other search engines pull information form these verified directory listings.

The process is straightforward and the cost of doing it is low.  We specialize in working with franchisee organization in getting their store locations listed on the web and on these important mobile and GPS directories.  In order to have your store locations found, first they have to listed, and we can do that for you.

The cost is pennies compared to traditional advertising and over time it will help boost your organic SEO rankings.

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