Facebook search engine? This seems to be an emerging question for those at the forefront of SEO and social networking.  It seems the answer is yes, and probably within the next couple of years.  Like most social websites Facebook has an internal search tool.  This initially was used just to help people find other people.  But now that facebook has developed into a more all encompassing platform and interface to find just about anything users can stay within Facebook, without the need to navigate off site to get to external site.  Added to this you now have the like button metrics included in the Facebook search algorithm so that it will give results based on personal preferences and social connections you may have.

Google also has seen the significance of social search and last year launched their own social site called Google Plus, seeking to be competitor to Facebook.  The features of Google Plus function in a similar way to that of Facebook.  i.e. Facebook has the like button, Google has the plus 1 button.  This serve as a strong indicator that searches in the future, on these two governing heads of the web world, will be primarily personalized and social in nature.  However Google Plus might struggle to compete with Facebook social influence, and Facebook might struggle to keep up with sophistication of Google algorithms, so who will come out top remains to be seen.  But to the question as to whether facebook will be a search engine in the near future, I believe the answer is definitely yes.

That’s why we at Smart Link believe in providing our clients with both high rankings and social presence, so that you’ll be in right place on the web for when the paradigm shift take place! Ge ready for the Facebook Search engine!

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