In 2012, having a Facebook page for your business should be Standard Operating Procedure, perhaps for no other reason than when you tell people about your business and they ask if you have a Facebook page, you can say “yes”, instead of having to explain why you don’t.  In some ways, it is quite similar to being a business-owner back in 1998 and telling someone about your business and then being asked if you have a website.  However, there are differences between marketing your own website and promoting a Facebook page.  The first and most important difference–aside from design considerations–is the goal of your Facebook page.

To this point, there is no empirical evidence that shows a business’s Facebook prominence results in an increase in revenues, and now that Facebook has gone public, the microscope on that pertinent fact will be focused more closely than ever.  On the other hand, Facebook can be a unique way for a business to interface with consumers who might otherwise not be accessible.  Facebook can provide a variety of information about a business, including contact, mission, history, and general product information.  It also provides a variety of apps that can be used in creative ways to promote a product, campaign, or PR initiative.  But it should really be about how the brand relates to the consumer on a personal level, because when a consumer finds your brand and likes your brand on Facebook, he or she is saying your brand is a part of their lifestyle.

For example, Coca-Cola’s Facebook page is generally used by the company to tell the stories of people who helped make Coca-Cola the internationally-recognized brand it is today.  It’s a public relations tool and opportunity for the company to stay engaged with generations, especially younger generations, of consumers.  Dodge uses its page to allow Dodge owners to share pictures of their cars with other Dodge enthusiasts, as well as to make announcements about cause marketing campaigns and bold sales incentives like car giveaways.  A smaller, local weight-loss center uses its page to post pictures of actual clients who have lost weight using their proprietary system.

As much as any company would like to generate new business directly from Facebook, at the present time having a goal and purpose for your Facebook page aside from immediately increasing revenue should be paramount.  SmartLink can offer your business a complete Facebook strategy as well as a customized Facebook page to help attain your online marketing goals.  Don’t get frustrated navigating the volatile seas of web trends, call SmartLink today at (561) 688-8155.