Individuals respond to visual graphics, and social media users are the resounding proof. Would you like more engagement from your social media efforts? One key to popular networking is to share rich media.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Hashtag campaigns:

Hashtags are a well-known method to inspire others to join a conversation about your brand. A hashtag campaign will encourage people to participate and share their own content featuring the hashtag.

Visual posts help establish hashtag campaigns because they tend to be shared more than text-only content. Research has shown that visuals posts make up 75% of shared content on Facebook and boosts retweets by 35% on Twitter.

hashtag campaign


You track the progress of your social media accounts in analytics; why not include your followers in updates to your progress? Share the news when you reach milestones and THANK your fans and followers for their support. It checks off one more idea for a content post and sparks high engagement. Make sure you brand the thank you.

thank you followers

Show you’re Human

Keep social media social! Show the culture of your brand, offer intimacy along with transparency. Sharing photos of behind-the-scenes moments in your store humanizes your business and brand, while supporting authenticity. Fans will interact.

behind the scenes

Get Serial

Post a series of graphics/photos with the same theme. Your fans will gain familiarity with these posts and feel encouraged to engage with them. Switch up the content of the posts, but keep the branding aspects consistent.

whole foods

Survey Says

Ask a question and you’re likely to get an answer. Just be sure to pick a topic that will interest your audience while relating to your brand. Include the question in both the text and design of your social media post so it stands out in newsfeeds. Ask for opinions or take a poll on customer preferences. This is also a great opportunity to crowdsource “post a picture and ask your followers to caption it.

survey says

Lighten Up

Imagery gives you a great opportunity to show your lighter side. People enjoy a brand with a personality. Show your sense of humor in your visual posts. Be funny, use irony, interject puns to entertain your followers.



Share quotes that speak to your company values. In B2B marketing, this could be something about entrepreneurship or ambitions, something relatable for your followers. If you serve the consumer market, use quotes that show your dedication to great service to really resonate with your customers. Use striking fonts, graphics or a background image.


Stay Current

A lot of people get actual news from their social media newsfeeds nowadays. Don’t shy away from mentioning current events and fresh topics or even jumping in on a trending hashtag. By keeping up with what’s relevant, you make yourself relevant.

wall street

Cross Promote

Have more followers on Twitter than fans on Facebook? Get your fans on one social media platform to follow you on another through self-promotion and sneak peeks of network content.

cross promote

Got some more visual marketing tips?  Share them with us in the comments below.

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