A large franchise organization was seeking an online advertising solution that would help individual franchise store owners gain more exposure within their local area that would be cost effective and have equal benefit to each store owner.


We proposed a local directory listing program to list each store store location.  This program would allow each franchise be listed on over 350 local directories, search engine maps,  in GPS navigation devices, in 411 directory assistance databases as well as picked up by mobile phone databases making it a very comprehensive yet highly cost effective solution that each store location would benefit from equally.


Our SmartList program (online directory listings program) has helped each store owner gain much more exposure online.  We recently pulled some statistical data to show the effectiveness of this program, and break it down with the analytical data that is available to us to demonstrate how this program has helped each and every store owner within the franchise.  Our data show on average each store owner receives the following interactions with consumers via the SmartList online directory listings management program:

Impressions: 1215

Total Actions (Click for More Info, Driving Directions or Clicks to site) 248 –broken down as follows:

Clicks for More Information: 12

Clicks for Driving Directions: 212

Click through to website: 24

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