Dania Jai Alai is a Fort Lauderdale based casino which also has banquet hall rental space & catering services available for private and corporate functions.  This entertainment venue has a sales team that worked tirelessly to keep their rental space bookings at a strong rental rate capacity.  Looking for a solution help their sales staff increase qualified leads, and keep their rental space at booked at full capacity, they decided to turn to SmartLink Internet Strategies to help them generate good leads to be followed up on by their sales team and subsequently increase bookings of their banquet hall space.  This would be the first time they tried a pay per click campaign.


In discussing their timeframe and budget for seeing results it was determined that offering them a pay per click campaign targeted around a set geographical area was the best solution to implement.


A text ad campaign was set up to promote their rental facilities and catering staff on Google, Yahoo and Bing.    After the first month’s campaign, Dania Jai Alai had filled enough rental space over to fully cover the costs of the first quarter of advertising, essentially covering three months of expenses within the first month alone.  By the completion of the second month, we were well into our campaign optimization, and had enough data to begin analyzing the campaign performance.  Since we use call tracking, we were able to see that their call volume increased by 41% from the first month’s campaign as compared to their second month’s campaign.   Simultaneously, they were continuing to see improvement with their rental facility bookings.  After the first three months of campaign optimization and ‘testing the waters’ with pay per click advertising, the data we collected has shown their sales team has seen a 4,900% increase in monthly lead generation. They have since continued to utilize SmartLink’s pay per click program, and have been very happy with their results in each subsequent monthly campaign cycle.

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