Getting bad reviews removed is a large arduous task however it is also a very important one.  In fact, there are laws that protect the websites that host bad reviews. Most of these reviews are posted by ordinary people and review sites just take the complaints and post them. This is called user generated content and it’s protected.

So how does a bad review get removed? In most instances, it doesn’t.  Cost of Reputation ManagementHowever, those bad reviews can get buried in results pages when someone searches for your business. The process is sometimes referred to as reverse SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it is also known as reputation management.

Reputation management is costly. Why? Because the goal is to push down the bad reviews and this takes time and tons of effort.  Price is factored on how many bad reviews there are as well as how deep in the search engine’s pages you want to bury the negative content. Remember that 4 pages deep in Google’s search engine is 40 websites. That means that we have to push up the rank up of the other sites listed in the search engines results pages, create new controlled content about your business, promoting it in the best light, as well as work to get your website ranked high in the search engines for the keyword terms that are making the negative reviews show up in the search engines. It’s basically strategies and tactics to manipulate the search engine results.

It’s not an easy task. Some of the costs involve research, monitoring, press releases, blog creation, submitting to article websites, extensive backlinking and optimizing other websites surrounding the negative content.

Base cost can range significantly– $2,500.00- $7,500.00 just to clear the negative content from the first page of the search results – not including blog creation or press releases. In unique circumstances that base cost can even be higher. (Depending on keywords and competitiveness of the niche.)

A lot of companies will not like the price, but think about it. How much revenue is your company losing everyday when someone sees a negative review and heads somewhere else?  Reputation management will pay for itself in time.

Each situation is different depending on the scope of the negative reviews and the keywords that are used.

Monitoring your company’s reputation should one of the most important aspects of your business to keep an eye on. It should even be in your budget. If not, all it takes is one bad review to go viral and destroy your reputation. At SmartLink we have reputation monitoring tools that you can use to monitor what people are saying about your business.

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