In today’s economy it is survival of the fittest.  If your business cannot be found on the web, then call your attorney and start the bankruptcy proceedings. Why you ask? Well, more than 80% of consumers use the web to locate businesses, and it is estimated even more use the web when looking for a local business.

It’s no lie, the economy is in pretty bad shape and businesses are going belly up. If they would have prepared for the digital/mobile age, things probably would have been better.  Let’s say that due to the economic times, your correcting your map listingbusiness location has moved, changed a phone number or even you’ve closed some locations, how do you correct that information on the web?

There was a time when once this data was submitted or picked up by the search engines that it was set in stone. Now it can be moved and manipulated. If your business has 400 franchise locations and the information that is on the web is wrong, how do you fix it?

At SmartLink, we have a way of pushing out consistent and trusted data to the web.  This way if Google or Bing has the wrong information about your business, we can correct it.

Was your business listing wrong in Merchant Circle, Google Maps and Yelp?

We can submit and resubmit your business/franchise information to over 300 directories across the web. Because of the verification process that we use, we make sure that the data is correct before we push it to the major datacenters and search engines.

Imagine increasing more sales to your business by having correct and valid information about your business on the web.

No only will your business information be correct in major and local directories, it will also be submitted to GPS and Mobile directories.

This will not only correct misinformation, it will also get your business seen all over the web and mobile devices leading a customer right to your door.  If not, your competition will beat you too it.

Is your Google Maps listing wrong, maybe you are listed in another directory that has incorrect information about your business.

Correct your business listings now.

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